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Looking for a central vac system that’s powerful without sacrificing convenience or comfort? Home & Hearth sells, installs and services Beam central vac systems by Electrolux.

Beam Industries manufactures the most comprehensive line of central vacuum systems available anywhere. They offer more power unit models, hose selections and attachments than any other company.

Central Vac
Central Vac
Central Vac

Power Units

Beam has two distinct series of power units to fit any customer’s needs. The Classic Series is the best value for the dollar in the industry. Although they’re Beam’s most economical power units, they’re powerful performers for customers who demand the most cleaning power for their homes. The Serenity Series offers the quietest power units built in North America, featuring the patented Quiet Pak sound insulation packages. No other central vacuum can offer a quieter, more powerful unit than a Beam Serenity. This means you’ll get the powerful cleaning of a central vac system while keeping your home at a comfortable noise level.

Beam features a three stage low maintenance self-cleaning filtering system. There’s no need to purchase replacement bags, saving you time and money. The remote power unit reduces vacuum noise and completely removes dirt and dust from your living area, making the air inside your home cleaner and healthier.

Beam also features a HEPA self-cleaning filter, which takes the dirt out of your house and moves it directly to the power unit collection canister. It uses cyclonic forces to separate large dirt particles and allergens from vacuumed air, and captures very small particles with its permanent HEPA filtration material. This is the only central vac system that combines the cyclonic, filter, and exhaust system into one unit.


The specially designed 30’ and 35’ flexible crushproof hose won’t kink or deform. It’s lightweight and easy to use and store, which means you won’t have to worry about carrying a heavy vacuum up and down the stairs. Simply remove the powerhead so you can clean carpets, hardwood, linoleum, tile floors and more – all with the same vacuum.


The Beam system comes complete with wall and bare floor brushes, a dust mop, hose socks, blind attachments, a ceiling fan brush, vac pan kick sweeps, and even pet grooming brushes and combs.

Beam products are made in the United States and provide better quality control. Plus, replacement parts are easy to obtain.

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